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—Why buy toys, when you can rent them—

—Why buy toys, when we can rent them—

Blocks and Mechanics

When your kids create “masterpieces” from blocks and construction toys, they may want to show them off. Boosts Problem-Solving Skills. Construction or block toys boost hand-eye coordination


Name of the toy: My first animal brick box
Age: 2.5yrs – 5yrs
Description: Toddlers will have fun building their own animal train with my first animal brick box. Help them sort the bricks into different colours and talk about each iconic animal as you build them together. The bright and chunky lego duplo bricks are specially designed to be fun and safe for small hands.

Name of the toy: Barnyard theme blocks
Age: 3yrs-5yrs
Description: The bright colourful barnyard builder blocks and 4 barnyard animal blocks are great fun for young children. It also stimulates imagination and discovery in children.

Name of the toy: Lego duplo endless creativity
Age: 3yrs – 5yrs
Description: Little explorer will love using this big pile of brightly coloured lego blocks to create models with elephant, pineapple, sandcastle or a crab. This set provides endless building options to help little imagination flourish. Lego duplo products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands.

Name of the toy: Colourful Bonus
Age: 3yrs – 6yrs
Description: This toy will let your little one explore their creative side by playing with these colourful blocks and expanding their imagination. A small booklet is provided wherein a variety of things can be created by these blocks.

Name of the toy: Pyramid of Play
Age: 18months – 3yrs
Description: 5 nesting blocks each with five sides of letter, numbers, pictures, shapes and colour. One single game teaches kids alphabets, numbers, shapes and things.

Name of the toy: Building up blocks
Age: 3yrs – 7yrs
Description: Build and construct numerous models with these unique blocks with attractive colors. It helps develop eye hand coordination, concentration, finger grip, imagination and creativity.

Name of the toy: Wooden Nuts and Bolts Assemble
Age: 4yrs-7yrs
Description: This toy teaches children how to build and learn simple mechanisms. This includes crafty tools that encourages little one with play based learning, inspiring their curious minds. Children wont even realise they are learning while they play. It encourages a child s imaginative role- play while building mechanical intellects.

Name of the toy: Shape sequence wooden soring set
Age: 2.5yrs – 4yrs
Description: This 18 wooden blocks in a variety of shapes, colour and size helps children differentiate between sizes and shapes. It promotes colour and shape recognition and problem solving skills. It has extension activities which included to encourage exploration , learning and fun

Name of the toy: Nuts and Bolts
Age: 1.5yrs – 4yrs
Description: These self correcting, over sized, geometrically shaped nuts n bolts give little one practise in manipulative skills as well as shape and colour matching skills. It helps build hand muscles and dexterity which are essential for a proper pencil grasp.

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