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—Why buy toys, when you can rent them—

—Why buy toys, when we can rent them—

Rules and Regulations

  1. Each Toy should be returned as per the packaging & the quantity mentioned on the instruction sheet.
  2. Any Loss or Damage to the Toy/Book should be informed immediately and charges will be deducted from the deposit.
  3. If any loss or damage of a toy exceeds the deposit amount, the parent is liable to pay the difference.
  4. Deposit amount (999/-) is refundable whereas one time registration fee (399/-) is non-refundable.
  5. Grace Period of 7 days will be given to find a missing part of a toy/book.
  6. If the missing part is available in the market, the cost of the same will be charged.
  7. In case the missing part/book is not available in the market, a depreciation amount will be charged.
  8. Repair cost will be charged in case of damage to a toy/book. If the toy/book cannot be repaired a depreciation amount will be charged. Depreciation costs may vary from 20% to 50% of the actual cost of the toy/book.
  9. The initial membership should be taken for a period of three months, thus, your child gets to explore the variety of toys & books that we have to offer. Refunds will only be given once the membership duration is completed.
  10. Freezing period of membership should be notified 15 days prior.
  11. Client information will be kept confidential.
  12. We request you to use the toys/books with proper  Please ensure that the toys are not contaminated with food particles, mud, dust, any kind of liquids and stationery  while In use. Please keep electronic toys & books away from Liquids.  We hold the right to cancel the membership at any given point if we feel that the toys/books  aren’t used with proper care.
  13. Factors that may affect the delivery time & schedule:-
    • Weather conditions
    • Medical Emergency
    • Distance from distribution centre to delivery address
    • Unavailability of the client at the given address.
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