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—Why buy toys, when you can rent them—

—Why buy toys, when we can rent them—

Fun Toys

Fun toys help children develop many skills through the power of play. They help develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and social skills, and nurture imagination. It also helps them develop the ability to concentrate and aim at targets.

Name of the Toy: Kiddy Star Link
Age: 1yr – 2.5yrs 
Description: These kiddy star link are bright, eye catching colours. Fun links stimulates baby’s sense of touch. These star links are easy to snap and pull for fun play. It helps develop hand eye coordination, observation skills and finger grip.

Name of the Toy: Activity Triangle
Age: 6months – 2yrs
Description: The activity triangle is fun to learn activity cube for toddler. It is sized perfectly to fit in small hands and easy for the toddlers to carry and play along. It also encourages interest in learning and experimenting through play. It also develops colour sense .

Name of the Toy: Pull along musical stacking toy with funny animals
Age: 1yr-2yrs 
Description: This stacking toy can pull and push it and stack the little animals in place. Cute colourful and fun to play with will keep your child’s attention and help develop curiosity and coordination. It helps develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination. 

Name of the Toy: The Ringer 
Age: 4 yrs- 6 yrs
Description: Place the ringer bas at different distance and target the rings into hoops. It includes coloured wood base and four corresponding coloured rings. Rings and poles are color coordinated to increase challenge and learning. It helps develop motor skills, color recognition and stimulates imagination. It develops concepts like distance and speed, boost creativity and imagination. 

Name of the Toy: Fishing game 
Age: 3 yrs – 6 yrs 
Description: The musical rotating wheel keeps the game challenging enough for the child to remain entertained and engrossed. Fishing rod makes the experience more realistic and emulated for the child. This game brings out competitive spirit in the child. It helps develop fine motor skilled, problem solving skilled, eye hand coordination and targeting

Name of the Toy: Lay it or break it !!
Age: 4yrs – 6yrs 
Description: This action packed game is silly fun for the whole family. Plates squat over the eggs in the frying pan and use the chicken magnet to carefully lift up the egg. They then race or more likely waddle and take the eggs back to the nest.  The player with most unbroken eggs at the end of the game will be the winner. It helps develop fine motor skills, logical thinking, concentration and observation.

Name of the Toy: Flex track city 1 
Age: 3yrs – 5yrs 
Description: Flex track city connects together to create even more detailed and realistic train layouts. Flex city can be formed and re-formed until you arrive at the desired shape. It develops mechanical skills, wrist agility, finger grip, concentration and observation. It also develops imagination and creativity. 

Name of the Toy: Dart game  
Age: 4yrs – 6yrs
Description: Place the dart on the wall and target the magnet on the dart board and score the maximum points. It develops fine motor skills, gross motor skills, problem solving skills, concentration, observation and targeting.

Name of the Toy: Table Football
Age: 6yrs and above 
Description: Enjoy this unique indoor football table. Play in teams or play individual. This toy has complete enjoyment and sportsmen spirit. It develops eye hand coordination, concentration, interacting skills and wrist agility. 

Name of the Toy: Inny Bin
Age: 1yr – 2.5yrs
Description: Inny Bin is sensory exploration toy for toddlers. The six chunky shape blocks are covered with fascinating textures that are sure to thrill the fingers. As kids push the shapes through the elastic bands curiosity is sparked and young mind cant help but explore, experiment and discover.

Name of the Toy:Junior button it
Age: 3yrs – 5yrs
Description: Place the sheets over the transparent board and button the pictures with the respective colours. Child will learn colours in a very fun way and also will increase finger grip and wrist agility.

Name of the Toy: Quadrilla
Age: 5yrs -7yrs
Description: Quadrilla provides a quality time together for the whole family. Each of the seven different blocks has a different function. It is fun practise for logical and engineering thinking. It helps develop problem solving and logical reasoning. It develops STEM skills. 

Name of the Toy: Learn with me Zebra Walker
Age: 9months – 1.5yrs
Description: From teaching first words to encouraging first step , this toy is the kind of first friend you want for your little one to spin, flip, roll and twist. This zebra’s full of busy, hands on activities for sitting babies. Lots of fun phares ,music and songs invite and reward even more moving and grooving helping little ones get even steadier on their feet.

Name of the Toy: Busy Town Maze
Age: 9months – 2.5yrs
Description:This busy town maze is bright and cheerful solid wooden activity cube. It has 5 sides of fun. This wooden cube consists of curvy wired rides, peel a boo doors, spin and ,match animals , turn and learn ABC word tiles and racing rollers.

Name of the Toy: Busy bead maze – race around the city
Age: 1yr- 3yrs
Description:Get ready for a day at the races. Little ones can move the chunky bead pieces shaped like a car, plane bus and trucks around the colourful maze. The beads even go through and under the table top. A great early learning toy for developing visual stimulation, hand eye coordination and cause and effect.

Name of the Toy: Little bear bowling set
Age: 3yrs – 6yrs
Description: Strike and bowl!!! This troy helps develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, concentration, concepts of balancing, colour, finger grip.

Name of the Toy:Hammer drum ball drop
Age: 1yr- 2.5yrs
Description: With hammer drum ball game your child will enjoy spending quality time together. Let your child band the drum and watch its cute face brighten up with excitement of the sound produced. This fun game is a good way for parents to have fun with their children.


Name of the Toy: Tumbling minions
Age: 5yrs-8yrs
Description:The tumbling minions monkey game is a beloved blast from the past now with a cool look and despicable attitude. It helps develop fine motor skills, develop finger grip , concentration etc

Name of the Toy: I pad fun
Age: 3yrs – 6yrs
Description: Its a fun i pad. This product is used for activity purpose to learn abc, shapes, colours, pictures etc. It is attractive and compact.

Name of the Toy:Mini table pool
Age: 3yr- 6yrs
Description:Make days fun for family members of all age with mini pool table. This tabletop set comes with triangle rack, two pool cues and pool balls. The compact size of the table makes it portable and easy to store.


Name of the Toy: Sensory Snail
Age: 5yrs-8yrs
Description:Sensory mat is for children learning and very beneficial for their development. Children are attracted to sensory surfaces with stimulate their senses with different textures and colours.

Name of the Toy: Slide
Age: 3yrs – 6yrs
Description: Play gro superior senior slide is a perfect toy for your kid. It will keep your kid busy for hours.

Name of the Toy:Rocker
Age: 1.5yrs-4yrs
Description:This Toy is total fun . IT combines fun of see saw with the comforting rocking char. It is an outdoor and indoor toy also safe for children


Name of the Toy: Trampoline
Age: 2.5yrs – 6yrs
Description:Jump up high and have fun.. Kids will enjoy this toy for endless time.

Name of the toy: Path finder
Age: 4+ years
Description: The Pathfinder Logic Puzzle teaches children to measure and compare lengths through entertainment. Complete the path by filling in the empty spaces with brightly colored bars in varied lengths without leaving any gaps, using dice to decide what color bar comes next. Play alone or work with friends to find the perfect combination of bars to finish the puzzle. Encourages development of fine motor skills, critical thinking, and distance recognition.

Name of the toy: Air hockey
Age:5yrs – 8yrs
Description:This is a quick and easy to assemble air hockey toy . This air hockey brings the energy, the spirit and the passion of the game. Kids will have fun competing with family , friends etc.

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