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—Why buy toys, when you can rent them—

—Why buy toys, when we can rent them—

Prentend and Play

It is no secret that Pretend Play forms an essential part of a child’s development. Children learn by observing, imagining and doing. Learning through play is now widely recognised by practitioners as an essential method of learning and development for young children, and a number of theorists and researchers have identified the values of pretend or imaginative play as a vital contributor to the normal development of a child. 


Name of the toy: Garden vegetable cutting
Age: 1.5yrs – 3yrs
Description: A set of six wooden vegetable and one wooden cutting knife. The brightly coloured vegetables have velcro which allows children to cut them half and reattach.


Name of the toy: Doll House
Age: 8+yrs
Description: This beautiful doll house comes fully equipped for imaginative paly for hours and years to come. There are as many ways to play with this dollhouse as there are families in world. All season house furnished wooden doll house promotes imitative and imaginary play, fantasy story telling, role playing and creativity.


Name of the toy: Tool chairs
Age: 4yrs – 8yrs
Description: 12 beechwood n ivory wood pieces to construct s bright and colourful tools chair. It has extra plank to help child create his or her own furniture. Use the extra plank to add more elements to the chair or also create any other structure. It is a tool bench to bring forth the concept of mini tool nemch for your little one.

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Name of the toy: Peppa pig dental kit
Age: 3yrs – 7yrs
Description: This toy contains 18 accessories that everything children need, which includes scissors, tooth, syringe, stickers and so on. This portable dental kit keeps your kid occupied for hours. It is an nan toxic material hence safe for the kids. It encourages role playing and social communications for the kids.


Name of the toy: Medical first kit
Age: 3yrs – 6yrs

This is the best pretend and play kit for your little doctors. This helps kids explore various equipments used by the doctors .Different equipments will give them the exact feel of how it is used .

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