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—Why buy toys, when you can rent them—

—Why buy toys, when we can rent them—

Musical Toys

Musical toys helps the kids to create and explore ideas. It creates more pathways in their brains. Banging on a drum helps build gross motor skills and opening and closing fingers help with fine motor skills. These toys helps in nurturing their creativity, imagination and helps learning cause and effect.

Name of the Toy: Musical mat – musical instruments
Age: 2 yrs – 4yrs 
Description: Music play together piano drum set play-mat is one of the great joys of childhood. This toys helps develop eye hand coordination, finger grip. It helps develop concentration and observation and imagination. Kids enjoy this fun musical toys 


Name of the toy: Remote control sound and light train
Age: 2yrs – 3.5yrs 
Description: Let your little one explore our attractive light and sound remote control train. The train has a mickey character at the driver’s seat and is great for imaginative play and motor skills. This toy will help kids develop finger grip, sound recognition, visual and audio development.

Name of the toy: I- fun pad
Age: 1.5yrs – 3yrs
Description: It’s a fun I-pad. This Ipad is activity based which helps learn abc, shapes, colors, and pictures. It’s attractive and compact which will help kids develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills ,concentration, observation and eye hand coordination.

Name of the toy: Tablet
Age: 1.5yrs – 3.5yrs
Description: This tablet helps you learn letters, first words, animals and many more. This tablet includes smart stages technology , appropriate songs, songs and sound within three levels. It helps develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, listening skills, imagination and effect concepts.

Name of the toy: Sing Along Nursery Rhyme
Age: 1.5yrs – 3yrs
Description: Sing along with your child these favorite nursery rhymes. Plastic pegs make it easy for small hands to grasp and manipulate the pieces. Lyrics are included on the puzzle so kids can sing along as they complete the puzzle. It helps kids develop their awareness of rhythm and melody and helps them understand sound and develop language skills.

Name of the toy: Laugh and learn puppy’s busy activity home
Age: 6 months- 1.5yrs
Description: This activity home will keep kids busy playing for hours. It helps kids be encouraged to hear a verbal reward when the baby does what the puppy asks. Spin the roller for engaging songs, light and sound.

Name of the toy: Little rock star guitar
Age: 1yr – 2.5yrs
Description: Fun guitar with 5 easy note keys button with flashing lights. It has 3 different modes of music/instrument selection knob which helps develop finger grip, concentration, observation, gross motor skills and eye hand coordination.

Name of the toy: Rhymes and shape sorter car
Age: 6months -1.5yrs
Description: Bright pull along rhymes and sorter car goes where baby takes it. This fun pull along car not only entertains with sounds but has four stages to insert into the car thus teaching and giving rewards for learning.

Name of the toy: Storybook rhymes
Age: 1 yr – 2.5yrs
Description: This musical toy which helps kids learn rhymes in a fun way. It has 3 light up buttons that teach letters, numbers and shapes. Turn the page to hear music and phrases. Also it has easy handle grab and go

Name of the Toy: Mini Piano
Age: 3yrs – 6yrs
Description: This multifunctional piano has 24 keys ,8 percussion instruments ,22 demo songs and volume and sound control. It helps develop brain memory, eye hand coordination, tone recognition and independent thinking. It also helps improve EQ cultivation. It will allow you to immerse you and your kid into the music world.

Name of the toy: Kids activity table
Age: 1yr – 2.5yrs
Description: This activity piano has alphabet learning and playing activities. It also has a 5 note piano keyboard with flashing light..This toy helps kids identify animals, color, shape. Detachable legs change the stand-up table activity center to floor play. Train whistle, gear shift,spinner, sliding bee and flapping butterfly are various activities for kids to have fun with sound effects and music. Its overall developmental toy. 


Name of the Toy: Activity cube
Age: 1yr – 2.5yrs
Description: This fun activity cube offers babies creatively themed and fun filled helps kids explore the toy . It has instrument sound, fun sound button and light up demo song button which will keep the kids busy for hours. It has plenty of learning with shape sorter activities.

Name of the Toy: Animal sound bus
Age: 6months – 1.5yrs
Description: This animal sound bus is a free wheeling friendly bus with flashing lights. It has fun learning the introduction of 1-8 numbers identification. It helps kids learn animal sound recognition. The built-in handle will allow the kids for easy free play . It helps improve thinking capabilities and fine motor skills.

Name of the toy: Shake and dance puppy
Age: 6months – 1.5yrs
Description: This puppy is an incredible musical fun toy. Your little one will love it when the dog starts to move, bark and go after his toy bone.

Name of the Toy: Winfun Take along Phonics Player
Age: 2yrs – 4yrs
Description: This portable phonics player is a language developmental musical toy. It has 4 turn around pages depicting alphabets, words, objects and musical instruments. It develops cognitive learning skills, communication skills and listening abilities

Name of the toy: Wriggle and Giggle Caterpillar
Age: 12M+
Description: Infrared remote control caterpillar set. Cute apple controller. Fun sounds and cheerful melodies. Remote-controlled forward and backward wriggling movement. Flashing bow-tie and small sliding caterpillar.

Name of the toy: Jungle Band Piano
Age: 12M+
Description: Baby animal band with 5 note piano keyboard. 4 musical instruments including- Guitar, Trumpet, Drum and Piano. 2 modes of play: Free Play and Play Along Tunes. Flashing microphone with fun sounds. Musical notes and cheerful melodies.

Name of the toy: Little Laptop Learner
Age: 3+ years
Description: Interactive laptop with working mouse
30 activities including the categories of learning, questions, mathematics, music and games.
Large LCD screen with fun animation.
Built-in handle for portability
Image shown is for graphical representation only, actual colour may slightly vary

Name of the toy: Globe
Age: 3+ year
Description: Moving electronic talking globe teaches geography, places, world wonders, people, languages and music.
Built-in joystick controls plane directions, allowing it to move North, South, East or West while globe rotates.
Friendly pilot transforms all journeys into experiences of learning and fun.
5 Discovery modes teach technical terms and world geography.
With all the opportunities to make exciting new discoveries, children will want to leave on this jet plane every chance they get!

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